We Believe In

The Christian claim that life has always been about loving God and loving others but to begin a relationship with God, and to receive his help to love others, we need to deal with a problem. None of us is perfect. We all commit wrongs which form a barrier between us and God. We need God’s forgiveness.

Christianity is unique in believing that God himself came to earth to provide forgiveness for us. As Jesus, he died to take the punishment for all humanity’s sin. All God asks is that we acknowledge our sin, repent of it, and put our faith in Jesus, his Son, then forgiveness will be ours for ever.

7 Steps for Every Church

One of the distinguishing features of the Churches of God is a unity of practice worldwide; that doesn’t mean that the churches are simply identical clones of each other, but it does mean you would notice important similarities in every local church of God you visited, whether it was in Melbourne or Malawi!

These similarities haven’t been developed over time to suit ourselves, rather they are rooted in the New Testament example of the early churches of God. Acts 2:41-42 lays out seven actions involved in the formation and operation of the very first church of God, the Church of God in Jerusalem:

“Those who accepted his [Peter’s] message (1) were baptized (2), and about three thousand were added (3). They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching (4) and the fellowship (5), to the breaking of bread (6) and the prayers (7).”