Mary stood outside the tomb crying

John 20: 11

When Mary found the tomb empty, with just the linen graveclothes giving evidence of where his body had lain, she was distraught. His promise – ‘I will rise again’ – forgotten! Her tears soon turned to joy when she met her risen Lord, a joy we can all share. But imagine for a moment if she had found Jesus still in the tomb: what unimaginable sadness for Mary and us, for if Christ had not been raised, your faith is futile, and you are still in your sins. (1Cor.15:17) How wonderfully reassuring that Paul goes on to write, But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead. Undiminished joy for all!

Daily Reading: Ecclesiastes 7

Bible in One Year: 1 Thessalonians 1; Isaiah 11-13; Psalm 112